Reed Diffusers & How You Can Get The Most Out Of Them

Reed Diffusers & How You Can Get The Most Out Of Them

Unlike scented candles, reed diffusers are now proving to be a popular home fragrance alternative that is easy to use and requires little to no supervision. Which is ideal in those scenarios, wherein you may be moving from one room to another and unable to keep a close eye on an open flame. But... 

What are Reed Diffusers?

Reed Diffusers comprise of a simple mixture of a base solution and fragrance oil, that is typically poured into a glass bottle. From here, rattan reeds are then placed into the mixture to draw the solution up. The solution then evaporates into the air leaving the aroma behind that you smell as you open the front door.

So, How Can You Get The Most Out Of Them?

Flip Your Reeds Regularly 

At The Scented Scullery we recommend that clients flip their reeds at least once per week. This keeps the scent fresh and fragrant. It also gives the dry ends an opportunity to absorb the oil, ready for the next time you turn them.

Replace Your Reeds

As a general rule, you should replace your reeds roughly every six months - or when changing fragrances. It isn't uncommon that reeds can become clogged with dust, or the oil from the diffuser itself, we often find that the natural material just stops absorbing over time and this is why we have made them readily available to buy @

Place Your Diffuser In An Area Of High Traffic & Airflow

Allow your reed diffuser to mingle with the air and disperse as you and your guests walk by. We recommend placing your Reed Diffuser in an area of high traffic such as your hall table - this will allow the air to flow through your home, carrying your favourite fragrance with it.



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