Finding Your Seasonal Scent With Our Spring Variety Box

Finding Your Seasonal Scent With Our Spring Variety Box

From fresh herbals to spring florals, we recognise the importance of Finding Your Seasonal Scent With Our Spring Variety Box. I'll be the first to admit that I had a little extra 'spring' in my step this morning. There is just something so uplifting and inspiring about this time of year - that and the fact our workshop automatically becomes a space of spellbinding florals and citrus's, with a little dash of honey and wood. You could say, it makes coming to work easy.

What is our Spring Variety Box?

Our Spring Variety Box contains 6 sample sized pots of lovingly hand poured and packaged 100% soy wax melts, which are ideal for finding your seasonal scent. This is a great way of discovering new fragrances that are in season and how they will smell in your home. 

The Scents:

Included in the Spring Variety Box, are... 

Dark Amber & Gingerlily: A warm, mysterious accord of Amber Woods and Cedar blended with Lily, Jasmine and Sandalwood. 

Citrus & Mint: A sparkling fragrance of zingy Lemon and Spearmint blended with Vetiver and Verbena. 

You Rock: A spellbinding nuance of delicate Citrus notes combined with Spices. Resting on a base of Softwoods with a shimmer of Floral. 

Radioactive: An intense Floral accord with notes of Citrus Fruits supported by Lily of the Valley, Jasmine and Orchid, which rest on a base of Vanilla Cedar and Musk. 

Blue Sail: A Floral fragrance of Jasmine, Clover and Geranium, with soft notes of Fresh Fruits that sit on a bed of Rich and Warm Woods.

Calluna Estate: A warming blend of Honey, Lavender and Heather, with nuances of Rose and Jasmine, which are lifted by Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Red Apple.

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